“Connecting our culture, supporting our dreams, and building our city.”

Chicago was founded by Jean Baptiste Point duSable around 1770. This great city has served as home to many African-Americans who left the south during The Great Migration, seeking a better life for their families. Black-owned businesses like The Chicago Defender provided jobs for the African-Americans that decided to leave the south and make Chicago their home. Since then, Black-owned businesses have been a source of pride in our communities.

Black-Owned Chicago was created to be a resource for citizens of Chicago and tourists alike that desire to experience Chicago from the African-American perspective and desire to support the businesses and organizations in our community. We are also a network for seasoned and budding Black-owned businesses in the city.  

According to a study conducted by the Nielsen Company, African-Americans had the projected buying power of 1.1 trillion dollars in 2015 and they expect that number to increase to 1.3 trillion by 2017. This research has revealed that 90% of money that our community spends goes to non-black businesses. It is our desire to support black-owned businesses and organizations in efforts to strengthen the economic climate in our communities. It is our goal to build a solid community that is committed to supporting black-owned businesses and organizations regularly.