After running late to an event because he had to stop at the store for some deodorant, Antoine Wade was determined to find a way to make using and receiving deodorant for busy consumers more convenient. 

“Deodorant is used by nearly everyone on the planet but there hasn’t been any real innovation in the industry outside new ingredients. I saw a void in the industry and wanted to put a cool spin on something we use every day.” 

Born in Harvey IL. and raised on the south side, the Chicago native is the first to create a reusable deodorant bottle for solid deodorant. Switch Fresh is convenient and reduces waste by 96%.

The cousin of Chicago Bulls shooting guard Dwayne Wade, Antoine is the former Director of Operations for Wade Enterprises where he organized some of the largest youth events in the country.

 Currently Switch Fresh is available on their website for preorder. The full subscription launches July 2017.

Welcome to the Black Owned Chicago family!

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