Summertime Chi is almost here. They say “summer bodies are made in the winter”. However, if you missed that memo it’s okay. These Black owned gyms and fitness programs will get you physically fit just in time for summer and the seasons to follow.

  1. D3 Bootcamp. Founded by Dre Nichols Everett a.k.a. The Exercise Habit Coach, Everett created D3 Boot Camp in 2007 to help members make exercise and creating a healthy lifestyle a consistent part of their lives so they could be stronger, healthier, and fall in love with their bodies. For more information visit
  2. Getting Better Fitness Fit Factory. Javid L. Jenkins transformed his body and is helping others do the same. Visit Getting Better Fitness Fit Factory on Facebook for more information.
  3. Caprice Gutierrez of Excuse Free Fitness. Living by the ‘excuse free’ mantra, Excuse Free Fitness works with all members, setting personal goals and always motivating, encouraging and empowering you to strive for a wholesome and balanced life, inside and out. Visit for more information.
  4. Cycle Therapy. Founded by Aaron Foster, him and his wife Aniya has combined their fitness movements to create The Well Chi. Download the Cycle Therapy app for more information about upcoming classes. 
  5. Get Aniyalated. Founded by Aniya Foster, her and her husband Aaron Foster recently opened their own gym, The Well Chi. Download the Cycle Therapy app for more information. 
  6. Chicago Fit 4 Life (CF4L) is a lifestyle fitness organization that builds local community sponsorships to organize bootcamps, fitness forums, and deliver fitness nutrition advice through various media outlets. Their organization’s efforts to eradicate obesity, childhood obesity, obesity related diseases and provide educational and family support for any and everyone who is looking to improve their health, through exercise and healthy eating. Visit for more information.
  7. Pro Fit Studio. Founded by La’Drissa Bonivel, ProFit Studio is a personal training space located in Bronzeville. Specializing in group training as well as private sessions. Visit for more information.
  8. BriMotif Yoga. Founded by Bria Taylor, they offer trap yoga and classes for girls. Visit BriMotif Yoga for more information. 
  9. Seobia Rivers – The Fitness & Health Creative. Seobia is a Fitness & Health Creative who personal trains, instructs group fit classes, teaches, encourages, motivates, and creates. Visit for more information.
  10. 360.Mind.Body.Soul. Founded by Ashanti Johnson, 360.Mind.Body.Soul’s purpose is to change the way people think and feel about fitness, their bodies, themselves and their world. Visit for more information.

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  1. Cardise Barnes

    I love the support of black owned business, I can add them to my list of things to do. I just wanted to also let you know that I work for Kookie (jasmine) Daniels @kookie’s dance den where I’m a dance instructor. She started the first twerk class in Chicago, IL and has a variety of other classes we all teach. She’s been renting dance studios, gym rooms all around the city of Chicago and last year she finally opened her own studio called “ Kookie’s Dance Den “ located at 857 w 103rd st. It’s all about women finding themselves or getting their sexy back. About 90% of her clients use her twerk, hip hop, tease, heel classes as a workout and always see results with weight loss, and confidence. I’ve been following and supporting Kookie for about 3 years and I want to share her with the world because she’s amazing and changed my life drastically. So if your interested in knowing more about her company (Classes With Kookie) I’m available to share.

  2. Alexandra

    Bikettle is a Black Owned Fitness Business and they also have a Youth & Young adult program to address Violence Prevention and Violence Reduction..

  3. April

    I would like to enroll what are your hours of operations

  4. Fatima Nefertiti

    Love THIS! Such a necessary site.

  5. F.Davis, MD

    360 MBS is the best gym I’ve ever attended.
    The classes are fun while challenging too.
    There’s an array of classes to choose from both in and outside the gym.
    Ms Ashanti Johnson loves her folks and is always looking at how to improve and help others.
    She’s someone who gives back 360 degrees. Full circle is in the name and she embodies this as do her staff.

  6. Gary Anderson Sr

    Looking for someone who emphasize core training