Rico Nance and his family opened Litehouse Grill in Hyde Park in 2013. Six years later he owns five stores in the Hyde Park neighborhood and a total of seven stores in Chicago.

“Where there is no vision the people perish. I’m tired of my people perishing, so my goal was to become the vision that could inspire and save the generation after me.”

Nance has someone for everyone including a vegan/vegetarian restaurant set to open in Hyde Park on April 7th. Nance’s stores include:

  1. Litehouse Whole Food Grill – 1660 E. 55th/2026 S. Clark St.
  2. Mikkey’s Grill – 5319 South Hyde Park BLVD./8126 S. Stony Island
  3. Nance Neighborhood Market 4850 S. Lake Park
  4. Soul Shack – 1368 E. 53rd St.
  5. Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat – 1368 1/2 E. 53rd St.

Be sure to check out one of these establishments and let them know Black Owned Chicago sent you!

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  1. Margo Phillips-Thomas

    Thankyou! I will support these business!