Black Owned Chicago presents our original trolley tours for the month of June. Starting from downtown Chicago, we’ll venture to the South side of the city to explore historical landmarks & Black Owned movements that make our city great. Want to visit the only Black Owned and operated nature center/farm in Chicago? How about the hospital where the first open heart surgery was performed by a Black doctor? This exciting “mobile history lesson” is perfect for tourists and citizens of Chicago who wishes to explore the rich culture of our city beyond the Magnificent Mile.

Who should take the tour?

Anyone and everyone! Tourists, Chicagoans, Non-chicagoans, camp groups, church groups, history buffs, book clubs, families, couples, singles, kids, adults, teenagers…..did we miss anyone? They should come too!

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FAQ’s Below:

Q: Where does the tour start?

A: On the corner of Michigan & Adams, just by the Starbucks/Potbellies.

Q: Where does the tour end?

A: The same place it started!

Q: Can I bring food/drink on the Trolley?

A: Sure! Enjoy yourself! (No alcoholic beverages though!)

Q: Will there be a bathroom break?

A: YES! There will be a bathroom available on one of our stops.

Q: Are guest allowed to get off the trolley?

A: We have a few stops where you will be able to get off, take pictures and see these remarkable landmarks however, the tour is a “start to finish” tour so we would ask that you stay on for the entirety! You won’t regret it!